INTERVIEW: JOEY from the Outback

You may remember her as Joelle Hadjia, Australian singer and former competitor on “The X-Factor”, but now, she goes by JOEY and her music is still just as amazing. She came into our show on DASH radio to let us know about what she’s been up to lately. Her new music seeks to break down social norms on gender roles… Read more →

toni romiti

INTERVIEW: In Toni We Trust

Chi-town’s own, Toni Romiti is taking the industry by storm and doing things HER way.  From the minute she walked in the studio, you could feel the singer/songwriter’s “bad-ass-ness” and we had a great time chatting about everything from basketball to her new single, “Trust In Me”, to her projects with Chris Brown, Camila Cabello, and Ty Dollar $ign.  Check… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Straight From Georgia (the Country), singer Bera lets us know what’s good

There are times where we as musicians have to answer the social call to politically lead and push for our communities. The responsibility extends throughout the nation and in the country of Georgia, comprised of a population of 3.7 million, singer and songwriter Bera answered the call and led the largest youth movement to the polls in the country’s history.… Read more →

INTERVIEW: Chord Overstreet gives an exclusive performance

Heart-throb actor/singer/songwriter, Chord Overstreet stops by the DASH Studios for an exclusive intimate performance for some of his biggest fans.  We caught up with the man himself to chat about his time on Glee, his new project Tree House Tapes, and his new single “Hold On” and the accompanying upbeat remix featuring Deepend. Check out the live performance of “Hold… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Long Live the Qveen (Herby)!

Qveen Herby is a one of a kind.  She’s a swagged out, white, female version of Busta Rhymes but can also seamlessly flow between tongue-twisting raps to singing catchy hooks.  The game isn’t new to The Qveen aka Amy Heidemann who graced the Top 40 pop charts with her husband and fellow band mate with the group “Karmin”.  Recently though,… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Montana Tucker shares some memories with us

Singer/songwriter, dancer and actress, Montana is doing it all and she’s filling us in on her journey so far which is nothing short of amazing! Having conquered the dance world- winning the World Hip Hop Dance Competition to taking vocal lessons with none other than Betty Wright -Montana has already shared the stage with likes of Chris Brown and Flo Rida to name a few. Ready… Read more →

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INTERVIEW: Sammi Sanchez goes #deeper with us!

Rising singer/songwriter Sammi Sanchez is more than just a pretty face.  The young Latina vocalist is breaking down barriers as she seamlessly flips back and forth between Spanish and English and brings her Mexican-American roots to pop music.  We sit down and chat about her latest release “Deeper” and chat about her theatrical background, Randy Jackson, and girl talk?!  Check… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Cierra Ramirez is far from faded…!

Multi talented actress, model and singer Cierra Ramirez joins us to talk her first love-which is definitely singing! Sharing her own experiences of how tough the entertainment industry can be and how her determination has gotten her to where she is today. From her starring role in hit tv show ‘The Fosters’ to her new record; ‘Faded’, Cierra is preparing to take over!… Read more →

INTERVIEW: Mackenzie Sol is magical!

Wow…that rhymes! The rising singer, songwriter, dancer, theatrical actor is not only with us to promote his new single “Laugh” but to also show off another skill – MAGIC! Hailing from a small town in the UK, Mackenzie Sol has recently relocated to Southern California to pursue his love for music and entertainment and is charming the industry one step… Read more →