INTERVIEW: Aaron Miller 1/3 of Basecamp

Thursday, December 3rd 2015


Here it is! Our sit down with Aaron Miller! 1/3 of Basecamp

Hapa: Welcome to FeelGoodSound here tonight! My name is DJ Hapa. I’ve got Basecamp in studio, actually 1/3 of Basecamp here. The most important part, Aaron Miller here, in studio with me tonight. How are you man?
Aaron: I’m doing good man.
Hapa: I’ve got you here.. you know, you guys have been doing some great work, putting out some great music. I want to talk a little bit about it and also want to play some tracks tonight. We want to chat about sort of anything that comes to mind. So first of all, you guys are headquarter out of Nashville. Nashville has so much history when it comes to music and just being such a music city. However, it is more known for country music obviously. Do you find that it’s a challenge to be making a type of music that you guys make out in Nashville? 
Aaron: I don’t know if it’s a challenge. I think the audience for the stuffs that we do have been grown a lot in the last few years in Nashville. It has become a lot easier. Few years ago when we first started at Nashville, we’ve been in tons of different bands and played at different venues in the city. We’ve done all the shows where there was like 5 people turned up. Nobody was liking that kind of stuffs back then. Because of the fact that the city has been grown so fast in the past few years, there’s a wider audience. The variety of the city is growing. We are very low key anyways. It’s nice to have our own cheap studio and do whatever you want all day long. 
Hapa: How would you describe your music? I always hate having to put somebody in the box and definitely like labeling somebody’s music. So when you guys describe your music or the sound that you guys have, how do you normally describe that?
Aaron: Honestly, we are still kind of working on that. I totally know what you mean. You feel bad for asking that question but you kind of have to. People like having that descriptive title to place on it because that kind of make you feel like you understand a little bit better. We pulled from so many different things so it’s kind of hard to, you know, the short answer will be “electronic”, if I have to file it under a category. You know we all came up in the age where nobody really listen to one genre. Everybody is listening to everything. Especially us, we went through so many different phases coming up. We had some weird phases.
Hapa: what was the weirdest? 
Aaron: I didn’t know this guy back in the teenage days, but we all simultaneously  went through this really big nu metal phase;  And then we listened to some electro. It was dark days, dark emotional teenage days. 
Hapa: In some of the tracks, some tracks are a little darker than others. I’m surprised to hear you said that for sure. I definitely heard those tones of like R&B in there obviously, and you borrowed from a lot of like classic electronic as well.
Aaron: That’s kind of the tricky thing that we pulled from so many different things. I feel like it’s not an accurate enough description to just call it electronic. The funny thing is that when we made our first EP I would not have labeled it anything to do with R&B. I’ve never thought like we are making an electronic R&B project. It was just like we are making a project, never thought the R&B thing. And then when it came out, every review was about R&B influence. And we were like, oh that’s cool! whatever! I guess that’s what we are. 
Hapa: They’ve defined it for you! It’s funny because i’ve spoken to a couple different guys too about just how genres are created in that way, where is some blog write it up as like “this is future deep neo house”
Aaron:  yah some of the weird sub genres. We’ve got some weird stuffs too. One of my favorites is PB R&B, which I thought was pretty funny. I guess that’s like hipster R&B. We’ve got like electro R&B and R&BDM or something like that. These people just made it up. 
Hapa: I love how someone puts future on something. It’s all about progress man, moving forward. 

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