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(Travis Clark)

Friday, February 27th 2016

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Travis Clark of We the Kings to talk about their new single that is out The Story of Tonight! We were honored to have him by the show and he also does a special acoustic performance of the new single The Story of Tonight!


Travis: We are from Brighton, Florida. It’s kind of weird because we are a band that has a story of how we met. We went to King middle school. That’s how we got the name with the King. It’s like the little tip of the hat to where we started playing music and where we all decided to be musicians. But in high school, the only thing that we really wanted to do is to get girlfriends. I went to the show and I can tell you exactly where I sat, like in the arena 2. I was sitting there and just watching the audience of the first, maybe like 23 rows. They were all females, all pretty girls, and they were like throwing their bras upon stage. I was like, OMG! And it hit me right there. So I went home from the show and called my best friend. I was like, “yo, tomorrow you’re gonna come to my house after school and I know how we’re gonna get girl friends.” They were like, no way! How could you possibly figure out a way? And I was like, we are going to start a band!

Hapa: For those of you don’t know, the story of tonight is a song from Hamilton, which won the grammy for the best musical theater album.

Travis: The whole album is incredible. The guy Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote it is a genius. It’s just a very cool style and I heard the song, the story of tonight, it’s one of the moments you’re like, man I wish I wrote that.  It really inspired me. I started to think like, all the stuffs that had to happen in our life for everything to work and the things that didn’t work were important in their own way. That’s our story. I’ve lived my story and hopefully my story will continue to go on. I want to play this song and inspire others and inspire people to figure out what their story is. What their footprints are going to be. So the story tonight is not just for we The Kings. It’s a song for everybody. It’s a song for them to figure out like who do you want to be? You can be anybody, and just kind of figure out your story.

Hapa: yea, it’s really uplifting and sort of motivational. And the fact that it got all the attention around it now after the Grammy, which is like crazy.

Travis: It’s like perfect timing. We just thought the song was dope and we knew that the guy is very talented. And the play was literally sold out for months and months and months. So we just had no idea like the gravity of it all. And now that they won the Grammy. It’s like wow things are really heating up for that, and by extension, you know, the song, and everything like that.

Hapa: Right, it’s like an earthquake. Even though the epicenter is here, if your within the vicinity of that, it’s going to amplify what’s going on over there.

Travis: Exactly. It heats up touring for we The Kings. We’ve been touring pretty straight for the past 7 years, about 9-10 months a year, with the exception when we take a couple months off to record an album. It’s been relentless. I can never say anything bad about it because this is the job that I chose and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Like we are leaving for Australia and literally I got to say that that is my work. It won’t be anything like a celebration. It will be very hard work.

Full show with Travis Clark of We The Kings:

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