INTERVIEW: Bryce Vine debuts “The Fall”

Coming off the success of his record, “Sour Patch Kids” Bryce Vine is definitely on a roll.  Having toured Europe with Hoodie Allen, Bryce is back stateside…for now.  He stops by DASH to bring us his brand new single, “The Fall” and we chat about all things music related…and otherwise.

I get inspiration from different things; subject matter, creating stories in my head, ideas that wouldn’t necessarily come. I listen to rock bands more than I listen to rappers because they talk about things that some rappers just don’t talk about. Ya know one of my favorite bands is from where you’re from- San Fran, Third Eye Blind and they talk in song…they talk about a woman that gets beaten by her boyfriend and how she’s a different person now and how they want her to be the same as she was, the confident woman that she was before and then he has a song about how what it feels like as he’s flying through the air after a hit and run, you know? And like you can…and a song about what it’s like to have narcolepsy and it’s all these things that I’m not used to hearing that are like candy to my ear when I get it and I feel like if I can do that, maybe someone will feel the same way I do about this, ya know? And that band to this day still sells out the Wiltern when they come into town ya know and I it’s like there’s gotta be a reason other people are gravitating towards things that aren’t just hand-fed to them, it’s like, it makes you think and it’s like candy for your brain a little bit.

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