INTERVIEW: Cheerleader brings the sunshine (of your youth)

Winding down their 25 city US tour, the guys stop by the studio to discuss their new single, “Sunshine of Your Youth” and chat with us about the origin of the band, tales from the road and we test them to see how well they actually know each other.


When I listen to this record, it does bring me back to my youth…there’s little hints of 80s in there… 

We’re really huge fans of The Beach Boys, The Beatles so I definitely think theres some Beach Boys melodic stuff going on.  And I mean the 80s – we love David Bowie, Talking Heads and all of the greats from the 80s.  There’s definitely that influence in there.

What are some of the interesting experiences that have gone down on the road? 

We’ve been together so long, it’s like a family thing…everybody’s got their “ok, they need their alone time right now.  You can tell…”  We get along great…

This has been the first tour where everyone has wanted to drive.  Yeah cus like…I dont know…when youre in the back its so boring, mind numbing.  People have been fighting to drive…”I’m sick of my cell phone!”

Listen to the whole interview here including a game where we test how well the guys know each other:


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