INTERVIEW: Chris Jane is the Ultimate DC – PYT

Chris Jane is reppin the DMV to the fullest as she stops by to debut her new single, “Spin Me” inspired by a night with her girls back home in DC.

“I literally left the club and went straight to the studio and said we need a club hit.  Lets do it now!  We recorded the track that night!  We kept the party going and I actually brought my friends with me from the club to the studio.

…the record is about me and my girls going out and having fun – exactly what we did that night!  Me and my girls getting it in…not worrying about anything, just being in that moment: meeting a guy…dancing, having fun…you know…a good night…”


For those that don’t know, Chris Jane was also on an earlier season of American Idol and was on contract for a while.

“I feel like reality TV, when it comes to music is good.  Its a great way to get your face out there, BUT in a way…its still a show so at the end of the day, you have to remember, you can get on the show, and you can definitely acquire a good fan base and get your face out there, but its still a show – so there’s still producers telling you what to do. There’s still a strategy and you have to have a story and something about you that makes them want to keep you on there…”

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