INTERVIEW: The Disciples spill the secret behind Calvin Harris

Fresh off of their nomination at the MTV Video Music Awards for their hit track, “How Deep Is Your Love” with DJ kingpin, Calvin Harris, The Disciples hit the road on a multi-city US tour. ┬áThe trio is so busy, that they have had to “divide and conquer”, leaving Gavin back in the UK to handle their newest release so we got a chance to chat with Daval and Luke Mac backstage before their show at Create Night Club in Holllywood.
Disciples: We were in London and we had a session with Ina who’s singing the record. The process was quite difficult because she is a quite difficult lady to deal with. We met for the first time and an hour into the session she ended up going out of the room, calling our manager and pretty much crying on the phone saying why did you put me in the session. She came back in and then we started talking about real music, like house music, going back to the 90s, like Tiesto. We fall in love with kind of the similar stuff. And after 4 or 5 hours, “How Deep Is Your Love” was born. It ended up to be our favorite song and the best session of our life.
Hapa: You guys have had all the success from the this “How Deep Is Your Love”, what does that feel like?
Disciples: It’s unreal. I don’t think it’s actually sunk it yet. We are still just traveling around the world, experiencing new crowds, and feeling the energy around the whole world. Everywhere we go, everyone knows this record. It’s just a lovely feeling going to places like Ukraine and then LA. Everyone knows this one song. It’s such an amazing feeling, which is blessed.
Hapa: Do you ever get sick of the song?
Disciples: Never! We had that record two years before it actually came out. It’s a funny story because our label actually didn’t want the record. They were like ” It needs a bit work.” And we were like “No, this is the record!” Never got bored of it. And then when Calvin Harris came, he saw the vision and he was like “let’s do this together!”

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