INTERVIEW: Eva Shaw is NOT your typical model

Producer/DJ Eva Shaw joins us to chat about handing Calvin Harris music to starting her own clothing collection through G Star Raw and more!  Oh, and she’s bringing us her brand new single with one of the most talented writers on the planet, Poo Bear!

Eva Shaw on Feel Good Sound by feelgoodsound


Calvin Harris put her song on his label!

I was the only DJ at Hakkasan that was newer. The rest of them were like huge DJs like Tiesto and Steve Aoki. Calvin Harris sent me a message on Twitter and he was kind of like “Who are you? I keep hearing about you but I don’t know anything so send me something.” It’s really cool that the bigger guys are interested in finding new talents and they are really supportive.

New single featuring Poo Bear

He wrote it and he is also featured on it. Normally he just writes it and gets singer to go on it. Actually Sony wanted to try somebody to be featured on it, but I was like, he fits the song so perfectly. We should just have him featured on it.

Collaboration with G-Star Raw

I’ve always been doing a lot of things. Music is first always but It’s really cool to have something especially that I can ear when I’m djing on stage. I’ve been wearing my sunglasses a lot and people asking me where did I get them. I’m like “They are mine! I designed them!”

How much sort of cretive control did they allow you to have?

Somethings I didn’t really know so I will ask them “what do you think would be better? I would say what I like but I tried everything on. It’s based off a G-Star cuts so they kind of have a template already. I designed the logo with them. They had some ideas and I would say maybe change this or make this pants longer because I’m really tall.





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