INTERVIEW: The man behind White Iverson says “Respect the Sauce”

Who exactly is FKi 1st?!?  Well, if you’ve been to a party in the last 5 years, you’ve danced and rapped to HITS that he has had his hand in.  The producer and recording artist has worked with every household rapper including 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Diplo, Tyga, Travis Scott, and most recently, Post Malone.  That’s right…this guy is essentially responsible for discovering Post Malone and creating the smash tune, “White Iverson”.  The producer “gawd” sits down with us to talk about Atlanta slang, creating music in the basement, and creating and respecting the sauce!

FKi 1st (producer of White Iverson) on Feel… by feelgoodsound



Thats the thing; I can always tell a good artist by if they have their own lingo.  There’s artists out here that are not only using the Atlanta sound, but are also using all of the lingo.


You’re credited with finding Post Malone.  How did that whole thing come about? 

Really I was just, I was still in Atlanta most of the time and came out here randomly.  This engineer that I know and work with (shout out to JB) was like, “I know this kid…he can rap and he’s pretty cool”.  I’m like, “yeah, I’ve heard that before…”  So they finally came to the studio and I remember the day perfectly – he had on a yellow Yankees jersey on and with a Malone hat, but his name was Stoney Maloney at the time and that was his production name.  You know Post makes beats too…So the first thing we did when we linked up – he just played a beat he made and just started rapping and I was like “oh fire fire”.  He lived in a house out here in Encino and was like, Yo bruh, can you just move to LA and you can have my room and I will sleep in the closet, and we’ll just turn my room into a studio.

He said that and I knew he was serious about this and I respect the work ethic.  I ended up meeting his dad and his dad was like – “Yo he can sing!”…so the next song we made, I told him to start singing – “dont hold back your talent on these folks…do what you do bruh…”



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