INTERVIEW: FLUME is sick of writing music for himself

We get the exclusive from Flume on what the real inspiration is behind his floral cover art, what it feels like to break the record for consecutive sold out shows at the Shrine, and his approach to keeping his core underground audience while still progressing and having commercial success.

FLUME on Feel Good Sound on DASH Radio by feelgoodsound

Pop-Up Shop

Jonathan Zawada is the guy behind the album cover, all the single art work, and all the flyers. He has also done loads of work on the live visuals, the structure, and everything. We just have this huge body of work and we kind of wanted to present it somehow. Instead of just having it in the show, we decided to do a pop-up in LA and put it out there. I also did some audio to some of his pieces. I was inspired by some of the art that he was doing and I thought it will be fun to kind of make some crazy sounds. Some of the sounds are potentially starts of beginning of new songs. We got a bunch of flyers printed on silk and we got a whole range of merch you’re only able to get it at that spot. 

Underground vs. Mainstream

I really feel satisfied with what’s going on in the mainstream way. I’ve always wanted to be one foot in the underground and one foot in the mainstream. I feel like it’s a delicate balance. It’s something that is really important to me. Because I like pop music and I also like experimental music, so I think that this record reflects that as well. I’m just making what I want and whichever way it takes me takes me, but I’m just gonna do my thing. 

What’s Next?

Now that the second record is out and it’s kind of doing its thing. I’m excited to write music for other people. I’m sick of writing music for myself since I’ve been doing that for years. I want to put on the mask and write for this person and that person, from super huge pop star to really unknown kid who has a lot of talents.To me, that’s inspiring. Because I get so caught up with my own bullshit sometimes, so it’s just nice to get out there and look at music from that perspective. 

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