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(Dirty D, Jack Gilinski, Hapa, Jack Johnson, Printz – photographed at DASH Radio)


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Jacks’ this week and get to know these rising stars.  The duo from Omaha, Nebraska are childhood friends who found fame through Vine and other social media channels through some of the sketch comedy they were doing.  After amassing an incredible social media following (20 million+ followers combined), Johnson and Gilinski felt like the next move was to pursue their true passion of music.  Success has come quick for the 19 year old pair as they have sold millions of singles and successfully played arenas and toured throughout the world.  The future is bright for these two and we were excited to get to know them.  


Talk a little bit about how fast that happened and some of the feelings that you guys have gone through because its gone so fast.


JACK G: Yeah man, I remember back about 18 months, coming out to LA for our first time and getting on a plane to come to see what its all about because a bunch of our friends were out here and were like “just take a trip out here for a week, see what its like, see what its all about.  You’ll meet so many people – networking, all that stuff- it’ll be a lot of fun”.  So when we came out here and when we landed it was like 11:30 at night and it was like again our first time out here and there were like 30 or 40 girls.  We were like, “man, what…what is life?!  Is this real life?  These girls already know who I am?!  I’ve never met any of them- that like BLOWS my mind”.  That was a huge eye-opening thing for us when we first came out here but then it kinda started happening everywhere that we went.


JACK J:  You just realize that – thats that stuff that you never think that you will have to give up- like going to your baggage claim peacefully (laughing).  But honestly, we’re just so grateful that they care enough to come and show up to the airport and like ask for pictures and ask for whatever for us.  Its awesome.  I wouldn’t change anything.


JACK G: Even when you’re dead tired – we were coming back from London and were so tired and we didn’t want to deal with anything but then we were like looking at each other like “this is our work?!”…Its fun for us and these are the people supporting and buying our records…


What do your friends think about all of this success that you have had?  Your friends from back home?


JACK G:  They’re super supportive for the most part.

JACK J:  Yeah for the most part theyre all cool and all treat us the exact same.  There’s obviously those people who you know -you see their tweets bagging on us online as this thing was starting and what not and then like 7 months later when were having a home town show, theyre the ones hitting us up for like backstage tickets and we’re like…




JACK J:   Nah (laughs) get out of here!  


JACK G:  But we recognize the real ones and the ones that have been there – the day one’s.  We love having those homies around and want to have them around as much as we can.


The list of accolades…I had this sent to me (by your PR team) and I didn’t even get to the bottom of it because its just so long because of all of the accolades that have happened in the last 18 months or so- I dont even know where to start.  You have had #1 songs, sold millions of records….


JACK G:Yeah, independently!  And thats really really something that we didn’t even think of.  


What’s been the biggest highlight thus far?  And it might be different for each of you guys.


JACK G:  Man, my highlight of this whole journey…its so hard…this whole adventure has just been so awesome.  First, Id say just an underlying highlight, just the whole entire time:  I get to do everything with my best friend right here and we get to travel together, go sit on planes and goof around and all of that stuff…I just can’t imagine doing that alone…


JACK J: Its fun just having a real genuine friend by your side through it all.  Ahhh, man (for me), I’d say a pinnacle moment:  Our first show over in London we did in Wembley Arena which is just crazy because most artists have a stair step to get up to that point…


JACK G:  Yeah we were lucky enough to just be invited onto the show of our buddies and we got to open up for them at Wembley…


JACK J:  Just a beautiful feeling to have all of these foreign girls screaming our words back in our faces…(laughs)…it just really makes you think how far and widespread your influence is and how far it reaches.


JACK G:  At the same time, seeing all of those kids, it makes us think about how we need to think about every move that we make because we are influencing these kids and inspiring some of them so if we make the wrong move…that could change so many different lives.


Interviewed on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 by DJ Hapa and DJ Printz at DASH RADIO, Hollywood CA


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