“Straight from the hospital, to the stage. I had to play everything with one hand,” Jack LNDN says, in reference to breaking his elbow right before his show at Webster Hall. But his arm cast and sling did not infringe upon his live performance, or his rock star status.

Singing, producing, writing, DJ’ing, playing the piano, cello, and guitar are among the many musical tools in Jack LNDN’s repertoire. Jack LNDN, also known as Jack Aisher, was born in London, England into a family of music aficionados. He grew up listening to disco, classical and jazz music, which to date inspire his UK sound. Throughout our interview, we hear about LNDN’s simple life as a Colorado resident, and his upcoming EP! We then talk about his records, “Dreaming,” “Without You,” and “All I See,” a track with LNDN’s own vocals that’s about to hit one million plays. LNDN ends our show with an exclusive 30-minute set on the decks.


Hapa: So you moved from London to Boulder, Colorado?

Jack LNDN: Yeah, about one year ago. It’s liberal, it’s chill. I’m not looking for a party spot. I’m a simple person, and I’m easy to please. Give me a mountain to hike up, and I’m good. Deer actually come up to my house… I’m feeding them carrots and snap chatting it.

Hapa: I’m like that with the beach.

Jack LNDN: Well, your beach is my mountain.

Jack LNDN: I am playing at Burning Man this year. I’ve heard Burning Man is fun. I’m going to bring all sorts of obscure music.

Hapa: Well you have to have things to barter as well. It’s completely cashless, and they’ve got their whole society thing that they have out there, which is really dope.

Jack LNDN: I’ll think I’ll flourish in such an environment. I’ll use my British charm as currency.



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