Thursday, December 17th 2015


Hapa: Alright, so let’s talk about the past a little bit. So started in Denmark, won a bunch of rewards in Denmark too as a DJ. Recently relocated in LA. But let’s talk about back home a little bit. What’s it like in Denmark?


Morten: First of all, thank you guys so much for having me. Well yah I grew up in Denmark ,and when I was 12, 13, I joined this youth club, where they had different classes. One of them was where you can learn how to DJ. At that time it was on technics 1210. I picked that up really fast. I really like that. One time a month at this youth club you could be a DJ and play at this party. That was like the highlight of the month for me. After that, I convinced my mom to buy me those, everybody else was getting around that time you get a present when you turn 14 in Denmark, and I got these turntables at home. I was DJing everyday. When I was 16 I got my first gig at a club in a city where I was born Aarhus in Denmark, and I’ve been DJing every weekend since then.


Hapa: To make the move from Denmark to the States, what prompted the move?


Morten: I was DJing a lot… DJing picked up really good for me in Denmark.Five 5, 6 years ago I made a track wit ha guy over there and it became a massive hit in Denmark. My career is growing a lot after that. I started producing tracks and it went really well. Four years ago, I kinda did everything in Denmark. I played at the prince’s wedding, and I did shows everywhere. I had to get new territories and challenges. I really love LA, the music scene is amazing over here. It seems like the right set up to me. I moved here four years ago, and I’ve been going back overseas and working a lot of music here.


Hapa: I think it’s so crazy man. What sparked the whole thing was you learning at a youth program when you were 12 years old and it just so happened that that was what they had there. And this turned into a career for you.


Morten: Yah, I never knew that DJing was going to be a career for me. I came from a musical background. My dad used to teach piano and violin. I got a drum set when I was 3 years old. I’ve always been playing music. But I’ve never saw it as something that I have to do. But it has always been growing for me. The stages got bigger and bigger and bigger.The best thing I love is to DJ. If i want to do something really cool with you, I want you to sit next to me, drink some wine, and I want to play you music. That’s the best thing I’ve ever known. To present music to people, to make people dance, and give them a free space. You know how much stuff goes on in our everyday life. For me it’s a good opportunity to make people forget that just for a second.


Hapa: Right, like an escape from the reality….

 So this just happened. This is news that we just found out, about your Hello remix getting picked up by Billboard as one of the five best remixes of the Adele’s Hello. Let’s talk about that for a moment in terms of the idea/concept behind remixing. Obviously as a performing DJ and somebody’s used to play  another people’s music. I feel like we know some tracks are cool but they need a little bit of something. Talk about that really quick.


Morten: I’m a huge fan of Adele and her voice. Her music is normally not so playable for me. If I play an Adele’s track, it will kind of break down the vibe in a club. Not in a bad way but it will take out some of the energy. The track came out on a Thursday and I got it on Friday. I fell in love right away by the vocal. The way they produced the track was very simple to go. To mess around with it, I just EQed some of the instrumentals in the back and I got the vocal up. I needed the track to be something that I can play out. For me it didn’t suit the track so well to make a banger out of it. Because I feel like it has so much emotions and her vocal is kind of downbeat. I tried to stretch the vocal as mush as I could. I got up to like 120 bpm, it was 88 bpm.  I wanted it to sound faster but I could’t make it go too fast because the vocal will be like bah bah bah bah bah you know. When I started it I knew I had to hurry up because a lot of people wanted to remix this song. So I didn’t sleep for three days, and after three days the track is basically done. It got a lot of hit right away. I put it on my Facebook, and it got like 12,000 shares and 25,000 liked it. I don’t know how many downloads now, but a lot!


Hapa: See that’s what we went wrong Dirty D. You needed to not sleep. You should have not slept. Look at this man! Dedication! We need a little bit of that!


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