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Nathan Sykes


At 22 years young, Nathan Sykes is poised to take the music industry by storm.  His voice is undeniable and his mature outlook and attitude is impressive.  We were more than thrilled to have him in studio this week as he dropped off his latest release, “Over and Over Again” featuring Ariana Grande.

His fans are loyal and turned out in droves online to listen in, but in case you missed it, here’s the full show:

Be sure to catch the end of the show as we play a trivia game with Nathan in studio!



Friday, January 29th 2016


Hapa: For those who maybe unfamiliar Nathan Sykes, he is from the group of The Wanted, hit after hit after hit record. Now you have your solo crew that just has been skyrocketing man.

Nathan: Yah it’s been like a really good first year. I think when you’re in a boy band, this is a moment where you can re-position yourself, and kind of like reintroduce yourself. So that has been a lot of really cool moment to about to do that and find my sounds, stuffs like that. Yah, I’m enjoying that!

Hapa: Do you feel like that’s a derogatory term sometime?

Nathan: No, I’ve never seen is as that because that’s the way it is. Yah some people use it as an insult, but when you’re making great music and you’re having fun, like i think “Glad You Came” was the #1 of major record of the year in 2012.

Hapa: Yah, that record still works! It still gets a good reaction.

Nathan: It’s such a feel good song. I think when you have a success like that and really enjoy yourself, then  who cares what people say. But I think obviously after leaving that where it was, and all of us taking a break, obviously there’s a minute you want to go away and get out the public eye, and really find who you are as Nathan Sykes. It took a minute. I had a break through at this jam session.

Hapa: I was actually one of the people. When I pulled up your tracks and now listen to your solo project, there’s still this feel good underline piece that’s there, but it is a lot R&B influence, it’s a lot soulful, it’s a lot sort of strip down and parts too.

Nathan: I think it’s important as well when you’re in a band and you sing between about 5 notes. Because everyone’s voice is in a different place, so we’ll let guys with the higher voice sing the higher stuff because that’s where they feel comfortable, and you take the part where you feel comfortable.So when we took a break,  I was like, actually what I’m capable to do? I didn’t really know what I can do vocally. So I was testing myself in the studio every time, hitting higher notes, and trying all this new runs that you can never get away to put on a track with the group, and all these complex melodies that you want to put in. It’s cool to be out to do this now. it’s been a real discovery period for me now.

Hapa: That’s awesome man. It’s coming at an interesting time too. I’m sure a little bit of discovery for you on a personal side as well. Being 22 right? that’s like a great time to figure things out.

Nathan: I was 16 when I got in the band. I was 15 when I went to the audition. I was young, still very much with school, doing my exams at that time. And all of the sudden I’m traveling the world in a boy band. It all happened very quickly. So when I was 20 we decided to take a break, I was like, I can’t stop making music at 20 years old. So I was like this is what I love doing, and I got a lot to write about as well. One of my albums is kind of like a message to myself, like take your time, don’t pretend to be someone who you are not. And kind of just figuring out, yah it’s been great.

Hapa: That’s interesting man. Talk about that a little bit more because I feel like that’s obviously a very mature attitude to have for somebody who’s 22 years old. Especially in the industry now, which is like on fast forward. I mean like there’s definitely this thing to be said about like people get anxiety over like “I’m not doing enough. I need to do more. This needs to happen now.” Talk about the other side of that.

Nathan: I think you can worry about everybody else. That’s a very easy thing to do. You can care too much about what everybody is doing in the industry, and be like “ aww do I have to be a little bit more like that because that’s gonna be played on the radio 25 times a day.”  I kind of just got to the point knowing that no one is going to like me if I don’t like what I’m doing. I’m just gonna be me. I’m gonna write the song I want to write and have the production I want to do. If people like it then great, if they don’t then sucks to be me. I think the most important thing is to be yourself, and I think the best career is the one that takes a minute.

Hapa: Let’s talk about this “Over And Over Again Record” because we are about to play this. You’re a fantastic songwriter. The track itself and then watching it with the video, I mean man, talk about storytelling and like just really well-written piece of work. Talk about that record a little bit before we play it.

Nathan: I wrote the song in the same direct with the video. I was writing the song with one hand and writing the video with my laptop right there with the other. It’s a very personal song. It’s me telling someone how I feel about them. I didn’t have the gut to say that in person. I was like I’ll just write a song and put everything that I want to say into the song. Hopefully one day that wake up and go “hey that’s about me!” I think that was just a moment in my life, I was like I need to say this. Being quite shy, so I was like I’m just gonna put that into the song.  What’s amazing it’s seeing such personal song to me being such personal to other people. I have people being contact to me like “ this is my first song of my wedding.” I’m like that’s so cool! such personal song to me can have such big affect to other peoples’ lives.

Hapa: Yah, it’s super strip down and it’s raw. In that way I think it’s that raw emotion which I think like we as human beings can all connect to.

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