INTERVIEW: Protoje proves that Royalty is truly FREE

 We are lucky to have Jamaican reggae artist Protoje, who is happened to be in LA doing some shows and stop by our studio today!  He talks about his label and latest project “Loyalty Free” which only came out with its Side B as a part of a genius release strategy.  Protoje pushes the boundaries of typical reggae songs and his sound is known as the “Reggae Rivaval”.


His label “Indiggnation Collective”

I have a label called “Indiggnation Collective”. Because I’m a producer too, so I just use that as an avenue to put out new talents. I’ve never had that when I was coming us, so I was always like, once I get on I want to have a platforms for artists, not just music artists but visual artists. There’s lots of collaborations. Me and my partner Winta James, who produced “Ancient Future” for me, just released an EP. We have a nice collective building now.

New album “Ancient Future” 

Everything went into this album…my life savings, my time…Because it was my first project where I was executive producing it. In collaboration I say with Overstand, that’s my partner  that produces 90% percent of it. I do work as part of an ALBUM.  That’s my whole thing. Because when you do that, you develop a core audience that loves you and your music. To me, the songs in this album are like, one of these times that’s on my generation of Jamaican music and it kind of push the music forward.You know when you say I’m an reggae artist, but you heard a song like “Criminal” or “Sylin”, you’ll see that it’s a different kind of song. You know, it has the vocal there and there, has the hip hop feel to it. It’s a different kind of songs that I’m trying to help to bring forth.

“Royalty IS Free” Project

It’s a full length album that splits into two and released side B first. It’s free download on You can download it on SoundCloud also. I want to do something different. It was an off season for me because I was dropping a full album, and I was like, let me give people some music and let me change my song again and update it, bring it further away from what it was. I feel like I have the freedom to do so and just release it myself.


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