We had the pleasure of having our man Ro Shon by the studio to debut his single “So Bad”. You may have seen him on the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up. This guy is so talent! We called him a “quadruple threat” because not only is he an actor, song-writer, and producer… but he also is owner of a record label called “ELEVATE”.



Hapa: In terms of then how things start to roll on the music side like, how do you get going, how do you get started, and then how do you get to the point you’re at now?


Roshon: For me, the way it started was pots, pans, and a kitchen, that was my groove, that’s how I did it. And um, and my mom, yeah, she would let me just go at it, just make noise while she cooked. And instead of telling me to stop, you know, stop all that noise, she just let me do it forever. And every time she cooked I’m always hitting those pots and pans, and before you know it, I’m actually doing something. You know what I mean? Like I’m learning something. I messed around and got a drum set, my mom and paps got me a drum set, so I started really learning the drums, and learning the rhythms, and feeling it out. Long story short, the more acting I did, the more I invested into my music studio, my home music studio. So at age about 13, 14, after doing like you know 4, 5 national commercials, and you know having a little roles here and there, the paychecks were coming in. I had a pretty serious studio at like 14 in my room. Sitting pretty, it was crazy. Yeah, so that’s how it happened, and you know like I said, the more I act, the more I just stayed in my studio on the weekends, and I just stayed in my studio just writing and producing. I started making my own beats, and before you knew it, my whole hard-drive was full of music. I ended up just producing and writing and doing my own stuff.


Hapa: So bad… What does that mean for you?


Roshon: For me, the record came about real quick from me messing with an artist, a female artist that I kinda dug on another level, you know what I mean? I actually dug her music too, like the music we were creating was incredible, so I got stuck between the professional relationship and the personal, and I’m like right in the middle and I don’t want to lose either one. She wasn’t really giving me any signs though that she was digging me on that level.


Hapa: On the personal level?


Roshon: Yeah, it was real professional, but I was just like damn, this is crazy, so she had me wilding for a good minute, and one night at like four in the morning, I was like, “Why am I bugging off this chick? Like I’m doing the craziest stuff, like I’m thirsty right now.” You know what I mean, I was like, “Yo – I’ve never wanted something so bad.”



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