INTERVIEW: Snakehips


Oli, T Lopez, James

Friday, November 13th, 2015

We had the pleasure of interviewing talented duo from all the way from the UK “Snakehips” (Oli & James).

I was reading a little bit about how you guys met. I know you guys ended up on the plane together, sitting right next to each other so that’s kind of how you guys met. And one of you was Snakehips prior. Okay….why Snakehips?

Snakehips: it was like a few years ago, I used to have a pair of jeans and didn’t fit me very well, and I did this stupid snakehips dance once. I just started calling myself as a joke. It goes too far really and we can’t rechange it.
I also want to know about you guys’ creative process. There’s two of you, it’s not like it’s just one person and their own idea. I know you guys have similar tastes but how does that star off for you guys? what is the inspiration usually and how did you guys build off of each other?
Snakehips: We kind of just send things back and forth between us really. We kind of start things off separately, usually, and then just kind of..i don’t know, It’s different every time.
So the newest single, you guys collaborate with Tinashe & Chance The Rapper, it’s called All My Friends. How did that come about? where did you guys meet? how did you put it all together?
Snakehips: We did the beat and the hook in London and sent it out to them. We did it all remotely over the internet. We’ve written it and we wanted to get Tinashe and Chance on it. They were both really into it when we send it to them so it just kind of happened like that.
What is your list of top three, other artists that you would like to collaborate with? So we can put it out in the universe and make it happened again. 
S: Janet Jackson!….. there is this sick rapper, she is from the UK “Gina Red Fox”, would love to do a collab with her, and Dej Loaf — she is sooo sick!
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