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Kam Franklin, Adam Castaneda, Alex Zamora, Kevin Bernier, Cory Wilson, Jon Durbin, Michael Razo, Jose Luna, Patrick Kelly, and Nick Zamora

Friday, November 6th, 2015

You are on the road with nine dudes, 24/7 when you are touring, what is that like to be the only woman on tour?

The Suffers: It can be really rough at times as far as you know the loneliness that come from not having my female friends around or any females just in general around, you kind of miss that Estrogen after a while. But at the same time I tell people that I feel as being in this band made me a much stronger woman, mainly because I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to get my point across in the way that probably is to scare me before I joined the band. When I first in it, I was a lot more hesitant to deliver my opinion on certain things and I wasn’t always clear in the way that I felt, It took them really kind of letting me know that if I wasn’t clear with what exactly it was that I needed or what I was feeling or whatever, they won’t  going to read my mind. Sometimes it gets a little intense for them.
T Lopez: That’s good relationship advices in general! Thanks guys!
The Suffers: Well I mean it works both ways you know, cuz I respect them and cuz they respect me. When I tell them something and am being honest about it, they know it’s not because I’m being mean or because I’m setting up to hurt their feelings. They know it’s because I’m saying these things for the better of our band.
I wanna talk about RedBull Sound Select….You guys are part of this very exclusive group of artists. Can you guys tell us how that came about?
The Suffers: Well it was kind of a connection to another Houston group called Wrestlers. They are an electronic house music duo and they were the first group that I knew from Houston to be a part of the RedBull Sound Select program. And what theprogram does is empower young independent artists to put themselves on pop forms that they normally wouldn’t be able to be put on because they don’t have money or they are not on the label or what ever the reason is. And so Redbull as a brand gives these artists wings by putting them in situations. So in our case it’s the RedBull Sound Select that we were doing with Chromeo this evening. Normally we wouldn’t be put on a show with Chromeo. We played with them at festival after this was booked…but I mean…just a normal thing, Chromeo probably wouldn’t be on the phone and be like “hey I need to get The Suffers tomorrow!” But Redbull put the bill together. It’s a really cool thing to be affiliated with this. They do it all over the country and they have different curators from magazines to radio stations to individuals and sometimes bands. But each month the goal is to pair one of these sounds select bands up with the larger national touring artists, and put on a free show, that/s rsvp only or the highest that will cost is $3. And put these bands in front of audience that will normally probably never see them.
T Lopez: Amazing!
The Suffers: And so we got the affiliation…originally I started working with Wrestlers just singing on house hooks and stuffs. Last year Redbull Sound Select asked if I can do more stuffs with them. And I said “well, I’m just the feature for them but I have another band that you should come and talk to.” and the funny thing was that we had little angels that worked on theRedbull cultural side that were big fans of the band…it kind of was just a formulation of all these different people just kind of “hey, listen to The Suffers! listen to The Suffers! listen to The Suffers!” and after a while, they listen to The Suffers, and they brought us aboard.
 I want to talk about the new single “Better” that you guys just released few days ago. Tell us about this song. It’s very soulful and it’s very deep. But I want you guys to talk about
it in your own words.  
The Suffers: From a recording standpoint, this is pretty much the first take. The whole album was basically recorded in a live setting. It was in an old church.
 You guys just all got into a studio and played it live?
The Suffers: We want to capture the energy that we do when we play together (we play a lot better).  It’s actually easier to record and put everything together. We tried the other way where we did the drum track and it just wasn’t the same feel.
T Lopez: You just feel it when everyone playing along with you. For those of you who are listening and don’t know how therecording process goes, usually you record each individual instrument in its own time and then the singer comes in and does their vocals. I know of don’t anyone in this same age who record it all live together as if they are playing a live show that used to be done back in the day. And you couldn’t make mistakes. So obviously you guys played perfectly once through cuz you didn’t make any mistakes.
The Suffers: A part of this is also, you know, understand the recording is a capture of a performance. A performance if you are watching it from the audience. There are hiccups and glitches even with the tightest bands but that’s not lasts. It’s easy when you have a recording of a song to kind of go back and and go over with the fine tooth comb. It’s possible nowadays to make it perfect. But thats not what people go for when they came to see us. On the album there stuff that we are like….when you are listing to it…one person will be like ahhh….cuz just one thing they did that they are not feeling. You let go and something better usually comes out.

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