INTERVIEW: Jaxon, the R&B Kiwi




From his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles, CA, Jaxon Howden is

creating international waves in the R&B, rap and hip hop game. Inspired by rappers like

Drake, Jaxon is set to release his “Wild West” EP in 2016. To name a few highlights, the

interview covers Jaxon’s time in New Zealand and Texas, the significance behind his

neck tattoo, his odd job as a superhero on Hollywood Boulevard, his surprising revelation

about Justin Bieber, and his indisputable video game skills. Lastly, we play his hit

singles: “’Bout You,” “Yeah,” and “4My.”

Jaxon LIVE on Feel Good Sound by feelgooodsound


Hapa: Talk to me about this silver fern tattoo on your neck.

Jaxon: In Maori culture, when the moon shines down, it illuminates the bottom of a silver

fern, and it would light up the way back to tribe camps. The fern represents New Zealand.

I feel like being an artist in America, I want to represent for my city and my hometown of


Jaxon: When I moved out to LA, I was sleeping on a couch for six months. I worked a lot

of odd jobs.

Hapa: What was the most odd job that you worked?

Jaxon: You know those people on Hollywood Boulevard who dress up? I was


Hapa: You seem too tall to be a Spiderman!

Jaxon: I was the only skinny Spiderman, everybody else was fat. The funny thing about

that is, my suit…I had to have another person take me out of it, or get in it, so I would

have to leave my house in it, ride the subway, go home.. I wouldn’t be able to get out of

the suit until I got home. I was in costume all day.

Hapa: So if you saw a tall, skinny Spiderman on Hollywood Boulevard about two years

ago, that was Jaxon.


Hapa: I found out that you are a huge video game connoisseur, as you like to put it. I also

found out that you are a big Justin Bieber fan – that you think that you and Justin Bieber

would be great friends.

Jaxon: Yeah for sure. We would be dope homies.

Hapa: I could see that.

Jaxon: Yeah, he sounds like a chill dude.

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