INTERVIEW: Jessi Malay was told she didn’t have style…

The pop star, turned fashion icon was told she didn’t have style by executives at Warner Brothers.  What did she do about it?  Started a brand which has grown into one of the most reputable fashion blogs in the world.  In addition, Jessi Malay is back with brand new, sexy music (and the videos to go with it)!  We sit down and talk to her about all the great things going on in her world.

Music, performing, dancing  – that’s my heart.  I started doing it when I was really little.  I would beg my mom to take me to dance classes and one thing led to another – I joined performing groups, I was touring Disney World doing all of that and then at 14 I joined a girl group called No Secrets.  It was 5 girls, and they’re like my sisters to this day.  We had the best time.  We signed to JIVE Records, toured the country, little parts of Canada, and then I signed a solo deals to Warner Brothers right after that.  And I went from one world, to a completely different world.  I was completely immersed in bubble gum pop touring with Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, doing stuff with Britney Spears in that hay day of pop and then I signed to Warner and they didn’t have a pop division.  Warner is known for all of their amazing rock department and then had a budding Hip Hop Department.  So they threw me into the Hip Hop department and they we’re like “we don’t know what to do with you”.  Its pretty funny because I was opening shows for Three Six Mafia, E-40, Wiz Khalifa used to open for ME (laughs).  Grateful to have had all of these experience, and its all shaped where my music is now, which is sort of an eclectic blend of all of those things that I have been through along the way. 

Jessi Malay on Feel Good Sound (1 of 3) by feelgoodsound

Jessi Malay on Feel Good Sound (2 of 3) by feelgoodsound

Jessi Malay on Feel Good Sound (3 of 3) by feelgoodsound


JM:  I got inspired for a few reasons:

When I got signed to Warner Brothers, they were always telling me, you know, you have no fashion sense.

H:  They said that?!

JM:  Oh no, literally they were like, you have no style.  You need to be in meat dressed like Lady Gaga or like Nicki Minaj- more eccentric, you know…

H:  Im so glad you didnt come in here in a meat dress, because…that would be a problem…(laughs)

JM:  (laughs) what if it was bacon though?

JM:  They would always bother me about this and that wasnt the case, I just appreciate more street fashion, everyday fashion more.  I think its dope when a woman can throw on ripped boyfriend jeans with really bomb heels, and like a button down and still look fly.  She doesnt have to be doing that much, its just more about the details with how you do it!  So thats the kind of style I appreciated and I started this blog to basically share that and be like “this is what I like it, its a thing! and its good!  and you’re gonna like it!”

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