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The two friends Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan join us in the studio and talk about their new collaborative covers album, “Take It, It’s Yours”, which according to them, is a gift to the world. It will be out on August 26 online and yellow (limited edition)/baby blue vinyls! The girls expressed their love and respect to the music they cover. The whole album comes from “pure intention”!

“Take It, It’s Yours”

We made this collaboration called “Take It, It’s Yours”, that comes out in August. It’s all punk, hardcore, and new wave covers. And a lot of them are very drastically reimagined. So a lot of them have some new chords and some new melody. But the skeleton of these songs that we chose are so durable, that the songs can withstand a lot of deconstruction and reconstruction.

“Ever Fallen In Love-Buzzcocks” Cover

The originally version is really fast. We slowed it down about half speed and added a bunch of harmonies, gave the song a completely a completely other wordily quality that is just so different from the Buzzcocks version. They are the same skeleton but the different people.

“Sex Beat-The Gun Club” Video

The video is just a really simple performance sequence. It’s like a four-way split screen of us playing the record the way that we actually did it. So we made it very simply. We use music stands and a borrowed camera. I edited all in IMoive. It was very DIY. Mostly it’s a way to show people how this record came to be because a lot of people were like, “so who was in your band? who played this record?” And we’re like “we did.” So this video will totally clear up all the questions about how this record came to be. And also it’s also interesting as an musician, I often like watching a band play a song to see what the chords are. This video is almost like a how to play the song. Every chord is clear, the drum beats are clear. If anyone for some reason wanted to play along, it will be very easy.

When you are doing a cover, do you ever wonder what the original artist would think of it?

Occasionally. I hope we don’t piss anyone off. It came from with such “pure intention”. This whole record was so pure. We love these songs. If anything, we are just trying to bring more attention. It’s done entirely out of respect for the music.

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