INTERVIEW: Mindless Behavior is all grown up!

“It’s all positive vibes in this studio” Mike says, as he looks to his band mates, EJ and Princeton, who follows with: “I’m gonna marry Beyonce one day. I’m just gonna put that positivity out there, in the air. Or Nicki Minaj. Or Rihanna.”


After two hit records and a brief hiatus, Mindless Behavior is scaling the R&B charts with their new hit single, “#iWantDat.” Despite this single being a new release, it has already surpassed over two million views on Youtube. Their highly anticipated album, #OfficialMBmusic is set to drop on June 24th, 2016. Elijah Johnson, aka “EJ,” Mike River and Jacob Perez, aka “Princeton” join us live to talk about their upcoming album and Summer tour, and to answer questions from their fans. Inspirations, motivations, crushes, song favorites, and hopeful tour locations are revealed. Finally, we end the interview by testing the guy’s knowledge of fellow musicians.

Mindless Behavior LIVE by feelgoodsound
MB: app reached out to us because they saw #iWantDat came out, and a lot of fans were requesting it to do video, but it wasn’t on the app. I didn’t know how big it was going to be, until I logged into the app, and saw it trending. It was #1 on the first day.

Hapa: How many videos got made for this?

MB: Over 100,000 people made videos for our #iWantDat challenge. It was LIT.

Hapa: What motivates you guys?

MB: What motivates us? Definitely our fans because they ride so hard for MB, so we want to give them everything we’ve got. And our friends, our family, our team, each other….Everything. Really just the belief in this band, and in each other that we can make something special. That’s been it from the start. We are working constantly. We see what the potential could be, and that really inspires us to work together.



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