INTERVIEW: Megan Lee, Stronger than Ever

Megan Lee is a 20-year-old Korean American musician and actress. She began her acting career at the age of 10, and currently stars in the Nickelodeon sensation, Make It Pop. On air, we feature her breakout and extremely successful single, “Stronger.” Meghan then performs an acoustic version of “Stronger,” as well as an impromptu cover of Adele’s “My Same.” We discuss her upcoming and highly anticipated EP, “I Am” and end the interview by posing very difficult “Either Or” scenarios: Jay Z or Kanye? Rihanna or Beyonce? Listen to find out her responses…
Some excerpts from the interview:


Hapa: I know that music is a big part of Korean culture. However, in more traditional Asian households, doing something in the entertainment world may not necessarily be as celebrated by more traditional Asian parents. Was it different for you in your Korean-American household?

Megan Lee: When I first told them I wanted to be an entertainer, my parents weren’t surprised. At first, they were a bit against it. I did everything I could to prove how much had a passion for entertaining, until one day, when I was 10-years old, she and I just Googled talent agencies in LA. We submitted headshots, got a couple of calls, had a few meetings, and I got my first agent. That’s how it all started.

Hapa: Wow. Good old Google.

Megan Lee: Thank you Google!

Megan Lee: “I Am” will be my first album. “Stronger” will be a part of that album, and I want all the songs to fill in that sentence to “I Am.” So I want this album to represent who I am as a musician, and as a person. I want it to be an album my fans to relate to.

Hapa: That’s pretty creative, that whole “I am (blank),” and then every song will be some sort of an adjective, each with a different and unique music vibe.

Watch her interview and live acoustic performance, exclusively at DASH radio:

Interview: Megan Lee, Stronger than Ever by feelgoodsound

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