INTERVIEW: Mike Taylor is our co-captain of the Feel Good ship

Born and raised in West Philly, Mike Taylor was bred with Feel Good vibes!  Always a fan of hip hop, Mike tried everything from graffiti to dance but really found a love for singing.  Now based in LA, he’s become a choice songwriter amongst the heavy hitters in the Electronic Dance Music scene including VICE and Afrojack to name a few.  Hot off of his VMA nomination for “Summerthing!”, Mike drops by the studio to bring us some songs from his new EP, appropriately titled, “Feel Good” and the singles, “Body High” and “Electric Church”.

Mike Taylor on Feel Good Sound on DASH Radio by feelgoodsound

On his collaboration with Afrojack on the hit “SummerThing!”

As a songwriter, you just sit and you write records on records on records on records. And a lot of time is very barebones, like the top line, which is the lyric and melodies. So it’s me singing over chords and pianos, and I have so many songs that were like bare bones like that. My manager sat down with Nick’s folks and they were really interested in it. And what I appreciate about Afrojack was he left the vibe. Because if you listen to the verses, it’s very summertime Philly-soul.  I appreciate and I thank him for leaving that vibe.  That says a lot about him and how he’s trying to push his own artistry.  We always have those preconceived notions especially with certain genres of music. EDM it feels a certain way, it sounds a certain way. So when I heard Afrojack was interested in the record, I’m gonna keep it real, I was like ” I don’t know…” But it was dope because once we talked and I heard the record, I was like “he kept it pretty OG”. Again, I want to thank him for pushing himself because a lot of people were looking at the record like “This is Afrojack?!” But I think that’s what makes it different. And that’s really what artistry is. You gotta push yourself outside of those limitations.

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