INTERVIEW: Morgan Higgins is ready for the Big Apple

The 19 year old song bird Morgan Higgins, has been accepted to NYU and is ready for the biggest change in her life.  She stops by the show to bring us her new summer-ready single “Hey Boy” and to talk about her experience with reality show fame through ‘Rising Star’ and Nickelodeon and looking ahead to the bright future.

Morgan Higgins on Feel Good Sound by feelgoodsound


I think its just like if this is what you want to do you have to realize that you’re gonna get a lot of rejection and um and its kinda just something you have to come to terms with.  I just looked at it like – ‘Why not? Whats the worst that could happen?  They could say no, and then I’d be in the same place I’m at now.  So, ok mom, I’ll go.’

From that point on, I was able to handle and deal with rejection.  Rejection doesnt bother me anymore.

That one “yes” really gave me the confidence.  Having someone in the business see potential in me was definitely a confidence booster.


Im most excited about the Karaoke bars because I just want to go sing every night!  And, Im also excited about the food.  There are these milkshakes at Black Tap…they are massive and have donuts and m&m’s and churros, I gotta show you guys pictures…

Whats the thing youre most nervous about?

I havent gotten my roommate yet so Im nervous about that.  We find out tomorrow.  Im really nervous…what if they dont like people that sing?  What if my roommates dont like singers?

Think about what great content that would be for your songwriting.

Thats true.  Thats true.  Inspiration!




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