INTERVIEW: Ninet might kill you

After seeing her music video for “Superstar”, where the Tel Aviv rock star turns into a “She-Wolf”, I must admit, I was a bit afraid of interviewing Ninet.  Truth be told, this woman is a bonafide musician and her music truly has a larger than life sound incorporating everything from classic rock vibes to electronic sounds with a Middle Eastern twist.  We sat down with the newly transplanted Ninet and husband/bandmate, Joseph to chat about her upcoming projects and her transition to Los Angeles.

“Super Star” 

Ninet: We were in New York and it was so freakin cold. I think it’s a revenge kind of video clip/ song. I really love when the audience see or hear and it takes his interpretation. In this video I leave no room for imagination. I came here to kill you! I feel like I’ve wanted to do it for such a long time.

Joseph: I remember the time when we were brainstorming. The director came to visit Israel and dropped by our apartment. We sat down and talk about movies that we both like. We want this video to have a future kind of look. Trentino is a big influence.  And then Ninet got into this rave of like, I’m gonna kidnapped someone, I want to beat them…I was like, okay so you just want to fulfill your dream to be a action movie star.

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