INTERVIEW: NJOMZA is here to “Talk About It”

Originally from Chicago, NJOMZA (knee-ohm-zah) has recently relocated to LA and has hit the ground running.  The sultry, yet fun singer/songwriter has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the electronic world from Skrillex to FKI 1st and is now working on her solo project.  Her first single, “Talk About It” is a creative, futuristic R&B nod to the EDM world that she has played in recently.  We debut the single on DASH and chat about her past, present and future.


I think moving to LA was crucial.  I live in Chicago, but I lived in the suburbs – 45 minutes out of the city.  So I had to drive and commute 45 minutes every day to get the, there’s a studio on every block.  I came out here and met so many musicians.  Ive been in the studio non-stop and introducing myself to people and finding people that I click with and making music with them…thats the best.

NJOMZA on Feel Good Sound by feelgoodsound

He’s crazy.  That whole entire thing was super crazy.  We met and a week after we met that song happened.  I didnt think I was going to make a song with him.  We were just making music (casually) and then he sends me the track and is like “this is coming out tomorrow, can you put a song to this?”  I literally jumped in the Uber and got to the studio and was working on it all night and was terrified they wouldnt like it.  The next day it was out on iTunes.  It was so crazy how fast it all happened. I didnt even have time to sit on the song but that was the beauty of it I think because Im the type of person…I’ll over analyze it.

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