INTERVIEW: Ms Light It Up talks about her respect for Diplo and why she’s dying to head back to Cuba

After the international success of her group, Brick and Lace with her sister, Nyla has taken 2016 by storm with her song “Light It Up” that she co-wrote and has been hitting festival after festival with the infamous, Major Lazer.  We sit down to chat about the hit record and the whirlwind that has ensued including being a part of a ground breaking performance on the streets of Cuba!

Miss “Light It Up” NYLA on Feel Good Sound by feelgoodsound

On the creation of Light It Up: 

Its crazy…I mean, it’s amazing.  Honestly, when we did it, I was just so excited to be a part of the album, you know what I mean?  I was a fan of Major Lazer from Bumiaye, Pon di Floor…you know, so when Sony had sent us tracks, they were like, we have some Diplo tracks and I’m like “hell yeah, this is a dream project for me!”

(T-Baby) and I just chopped it up in the studio and we just did what we thought was cool.  We just did us.  And I had no idea the record would be their next biggest hit to Lean On and I am just floored and feel so blessed.


On Brick & Lace: 

Who is the Brick and who is the Lace? 

People would say she is the Brick and I am the Lace.  But right now, Im holding down both parts.  I’m Brick AND Lace but you know Brick and Lace is really two sides of every woman…


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