Interview: Sam Fischer, Disarming Pop for the Nighttime Crowd

Sam Fischer is a 21-year-old artist originally from Sydney, Australia. His career as a musician and lyricist dates back to when he was 12-years-old, when he first started writing his own songs. Fast-forward to the present, Sam Fischer is currently on an international tour, and has recently dropped his first single, “Lean.” Throughout our interview, we hear an acoustic rendition of “Perception,” and “Lean,” as well as play the studio version of “Lean.” We then discuss the concept behind his sound, “Disarming Pop for the Nighttime Crowd and his upcoming EP this Summer. We end the interview with a bit of Sam-Fischer specific trivia. His most prized possession, drink of choice, favorite sport, artistic inspirations and his “weird whacky choreography” tricks are revealed.

Hapa: There are parts of you that remind me of a couple of different singers, and I hate comparing artists to one another. You certainly are unique, in your own way. But your sound and falsetto remind me of a couple of Sam’s…Sam Smith, and Sam Sparrow.
Sam Fischer: The Sam’s, man. I was asked if I wanted to change my name because there are so many Sam’s, but I said no. I feel like it’s the cool thing to have right now, the name Sam. Sam is so in right now, haha.
Hapa: Sam is so 2016.

Hapa: You call your sound, Disarming Pop for the Nighttime Crowd?
Sam Fischer: Yeah, for the arm-crossers out there. The people who are too cool. Ya know? Get ‘em uncrossed. We tried to think of different ways to describe it.. and we came up with like, watching your favorite TV show with no commercials, or… We were watching the Real World last night, and some girl said, “It’s like eating the cake without the calories.”
Hapa:That’s a good line. That needs to go into a song. It would be a fantastic name for a song.
Sam Fischer: Could we do it, now that Cake on the Ocean is a such a hit? Haha

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