WORLD PREMIERE: Sammie is all grown up and is the Savior of R&B

Yes, THAT Sammie…the cute 12 year old kid who had a number 1 hit with “I Like It” is back with his new sound.  What started as earmarking an idea for a song while standing in line at a fast food restaurant in Atlanta, has now become a bonafide HIT record.  Sammie tells us the story of how “I’m Him” came about and also brings us two other tracks off of his highly anticipated EP titled, “I’m Him”.  We WORLD PREMIERE his newest track, “Better” which he deems as his favorite track off of the project.  He also tells us where he’s been and what he’s been up to.  Check out the full interview here:

Sammie Interview on DASH Radio by feelgoodsound
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