INTERVIEW: Symon Says!!

Constantly compared to a multitude of celebrities including Kim K, Kylie Jenner and Gwen (to name a few), Symon is certainly here to prove she’s absolutely a one-of-a-kind.  The singer/rapper/all-around entertainer stops by DASH to bring her new single, “Say” which certainly is a feel-good, summer anthem.  The bubbly and sassy LA native takes over the full hour to play new records with the Feel Good crew including a brand spankin new cover of Twenty One Pilots, “Ride”.


On her musical influence: 

We’ve talked about your parents and your dad’s vinyl collection…but what are your current influences?  Are there people out there?  Or do you try and not get too influence by what’s out there?

A lot of people are different.  My producer that I work with, Gino Barletta, my co-writer, he doesn’t like listening to anything- some people are just like that; they just avoid it for their inspiration.  But I LOVE artists and I’m so passionate about artists and about their music: I’m a fan!   Currently, obsessed with Twenty One Pilots – I love them, love their vibe, love the writing.  Always been obsessed with No Doubt.  You cant get me away from them.  They were like everything to me…



On her creative process: 

In terms of your creative process…share that a bit with the good people of Dash…

Dear good people of Dash:  I love listening to people talk – little things that people say.  Thats what relates to your audience…so the little things that people say everyday.  Thats what works.

You eavesdrop on people, basically…

100%!  Hey, at least I admit it…


Listen to the full show here: 


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