INTERVIEW: Walking On Cars Goes Platinum

In the winter of 2010, five friends from the small, coastal town of Dingle, Ireland rented an isolated cottage. After six months of no telephones, television, Internet or transport, a new group “Walking on Cars” surfaced. Comprised of vocalist, Patrick Sheehy, pianist Sorcha Durham, guitarist Dan Devane, bassist Paul Flannery and drummer Evan Hadnett, “Walking on Cars” is a musical force to be reckoned with. Their new 12-track album has gone platinum since its release on January 29th, 2016. It features multiple hits, including their debut single, “Speeding Cars,” which has nearly 12 million listens on Spotify and 5 million on Youtube! Throughout our interview, we play “Speeding Cars” and “Catch Me If You Can.” The group members talk about their current international tour, and they reveal facts about themselves that you haven’t heard anywhere else…


Hapa: Let’s talk about your lead single, “Speeding Cars” and its music video.

WOC: We wanted to bring the videos back to us, and who we are, and incorporate elements of where we are from into it. We shot it at home in Dingle, (population 1,500). There are spectacular landscapes, with traditional Irish elements. Everyone keeps saying to us: “It’s like a scene out of Game of Thrones,” but we did it first!

WOC: We actually stole one of their actors for the video.

Hapa: Why the name Walking on Cars?

WOC: We actually had another band name that was unpronounceable.

Hapa: What was it?

WOC: Alsononaz…(Also known as) But we changed it. It took like 6-months to figure out a new name. Every conversation was dominated by, “What are we going to call the band?”, and we were so sick of it. We were out drinking, and we had been talking about it for too long, and we were like: “The next thing someone says to me is going to be the name of the band.” And Evan, after having a few pints, was like “I’m gonna go walk on cars to the next bar.”

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