INTERVIEW: Yonee’s response to the Senseless Terroist Attacks

After DJing around college campuses throughout the country, Yonee decided to neglect his degree in Economics and pursue his dream.  Immersing himself in vocal lessons and the studio, Yonee has worked tirelessly on perfecting his craft and came by DASH Radio to play us his new song, “Bombs of My Love”.  The track was inspired by the emotional reaction to the senseless terrorist attacks in Paris and really hit home to Yonee after the events in Orlando, miles from his home town.  Yonee has put together a project to inspire and empower the world to help get past these horrific events and is tying together artists of multiple disciplines to spread love not hate.


“Bombs of My Love”

Honestly this song didn’t start with the idea that I wanted to travel the world and visit all these attack sites. I wanted to make a positive, happy song, and start off my project on a cool note. But as I was writing it, all these things were happening. I’ve always known that when I get to a certain point with my music, I’m able to create a positive change. We have a product that’s able to get out there and you’re able to make a significant change. So when I was writing it, I feel that this is the song that I think can be used to uplift people whatever crisis or tragedy they’ve been affected by. And with everything that was going on, it was just like, even being an artist on a small level I want to do something. Especially when it hits my hometown (Orlando), I literally live 7 minutes from there, it was a huge blow in me and I want to help anyway you can.

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