Pauly’s Project: Paul Avila joins us to talk and raise awareness for this moving and inspirational story behind an amazing cause and the heart wrenching motivation which led to it…

Paul Avila is in the studio to share a unique and heart filling story; with his son Pauly, born both blind and autistic, Paul shares the experiences and the effects this has had throughout the years and how they have in turn led to shape a positive outcome of giving and sharing music to the homeless in what is known… Read more →


The legendary Maarten from the Bingo Players steps into the studio and gives valuable advice for upcoming producers and speaks on tougher times faced as they mark there 10 year anniversary…

A hugely successful career spanning 10 years in the music industry- we were thrilled to have Maarten from the Bingo Players join us in the studio for an interview you don’t want to miss. Giving some valuable advice to aspiring producers and speaking on his time and experiences as one half of the Bingo Players. Maarten also speaks on the… Read more →


Nebu Kiniza joins us to speak on his music career and the song which took just 15 minutes to write that is now blowing up

The very talented Nebu Kiniza brings his infectious energy and join us in the studio to talk about his humble musical beginnings; how his mom is his main inspiration that bought him to where he is today……with his single ‘Gassed Up’ garnering over 20 million plays on soundcloud and over 7 million views on youtube and spotify…. He is not… Read more →


The Fame Riot joins us for an interview filled with fashion, music and everything in between…

The Seattle born brothers join us in the studio to speak about their single ‘Heart Stray’; the music they were exposed to growing up- which is a distinctive difference to the sound they have since created. They have in their own words- ‘freek fanz’ in the loyal fanbase they have following them through there music career so far- which has… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Faulkner is the voice of change

Bi-coastal band, Faulkner has music played throughout stadiums in New York City including the iconic, Yankee Stadium.  The fellas attracted the attention of Mark Needham (The Killers), RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), and JP Bowersock (The Strokes) for their debut project.  Christian, Eric and Lucas sit down with us to chat about all things including life on the streets, upcoming music and perform their… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Jehuniko plays new music and speaks on his diverse musical influences from Hip Hop to Rock.

Jehuniko- most well known for his politically charged lyrics; joins us in the studio for an exclusive interview on his latest single ‘Canters’ and talks his beginnings in music and those artists who have influenced him and his sound over time.  With an insight into his song writing, he explains how he intends to keep the positive vibe alongside the… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Vice is a real DJ (but you probably already knew that)

Maybe this goes without saying, but DJ Vice has earned everything he has gotten.  From being a fixture in Las Vegas nightlife to masterminding tracks like his new hit single on Atlantic Records, “Steady 1234” featuring rising artists, Skizzy Mars and Jasmine Thompson.  The busy DJ/Entreprenuer stops in to chat and to debut his single on DASH1. Check out the… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Tremblization on the rise

I’m pretty sure we just made that word up, but for a good reason: Tremble is here and ready to take on the world with their refreshing sound of downtempo, sensual beats mixed with whispy vocals and REAL analog instruments.  The trio stopped by DASH to bring us their new music and we were pleased to help world premiere their… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Eric Benet chats about love, relationships and good music

Four-time Grammy nominee, Eric Benet has been making his mark on the music world for decades and is back with a brand new self-titled album filled with an incredible mix of sensual ballads, rhythm-based latin-jazz tracks, and funk-filled R&B.  The project features old friends, Tamia, MC Lyte and a host of award-winning musicians and we chat about several tracks in… Read more →