INTERVIEW: State To State is making a statement

State to State is a LA based band who recently released their EP “Motives”. The project was funded through a kick starter like campaign through Pledge Music. The guys talk to us about the meaning behind their single “Arms”, addressing the issue around gun control though artistry. We also get a never-told-before-story around a late night studio session involving Journey… Read more →



Molly Williams, better known as MOONZz, brings by her debut EP, Trust Cycles and goes track to track with us, giving us insight into the project as a whole and the meanings behind each track.  It’s really difficult to pick out favorites, as the project itself is so different, yet so cohesive.  Give it a listen and support this rising… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Ninet might kill you

After seeing her music video for “Superstar”, where the Tel Aviv rock star turns into a “She-Wolf”, I must admit, I was a bit afraid of interviewing Ninet.  Truth be told, this woman is a bonafide musician and her music truly has a larger than life sound incorporating everything from classic rock vibes to electronic sounds with a Middle Eastern… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Ayo Jay is a ladies man

That part isn’t new news…but his SMASH single is!  The Nigerian recording artist has a hit on his hands with his track “Your Number” and tells us about how the track has evolved over the past two years.  The track originally featured a verse from Fetty Wap but is being re-released through RCA this month with Chris Brown and Kid… Read more →