INTERVIEW: Australian band, Cub Sport is taking the US by storm

The band formerly known Cub Scout is now Cub Sport and is furthering the notion that the Aussies are definitely taking over the music world.  Cub Sport released This Is Our Vice on March 4th to critical praise from Hilly Dilly, The Wild Honey Pie, Indie Shuffle, Blah Blah Blah Science, Popmatters and more. The album landed on the CMJ charts as the 10th most added record the week of impact and maintained in the top 100… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Symon Says!!

Constantly compared to a multitude of celebrities including Kim K, Kylie Jenner and Gwen (to name a few), Symon is certainly here to prove she’s absolutely a one-of-a-kind.  The singer/rapper/all-around entertainer stops by DASH to bring her new single, “Say” which certainly is a feel-good, summer anthem.  The bubbly and sassy LA native takes over the full hour to play new… Read more →

NYLA (1)

INTERVIEW: Ms Light It Up talks about her respect for Diplo and why she’s dying to head back to Cuba

After the international success of her group, Brick and Lace with her sister, Nyla has taken 2016 by storm with her song “Light It Up” that she co-wrote and has been hitting festival after festival with the infamous, Major Lazer.  We sit down to chat about the hit record and the whirlwind that has ensued including being a part of… Read more →


INTERVIEW: Who is Mike Stud?!

“Everything happens for a reason” After suffering a career injury playing college baseball at Duke, Mike turned to music to easy the pain and boredom of being stuck at home while his teammates travelled the country hitting the field.  Literally, overnight, the rapper/singer put up a Youtube video and the song went viral, first at Duke, and then throughout the… Read more →


Interview: Sam Fischer, Disarming Pop for the Nighttime Crowd

Sam Fischer is a 21-year-old artist originally from Sydney, Australia. His career as a musician and lyricist dates back to when he was 12-years-old, when he first started writing his own songs. Fast-forward to the present, Sam Fischer is currently on an international tour, and has recently dropped his first single, “Lean.” Throughout our interview, we hear an acoustic rendition… Read more →

Megan Lee

INTERVIEW: Megan Lee, Stronger than Ever

Megan Lee is a 20-year-old Korean American musician and actress. She began her acting career at the age of 10, and currently stars in the Nickelodeon sensation, Make It Pop. On air, we feature her breakout and extremely successful single, “Stronger.” Meghan then performs an acoustic version of “Stronger,” as well as an impromptu cover of Adele’s “My Same.” We… Read more →